Type IIR Medical Face Mask - Box of 50

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Three-layer hypoallergenic disposable face mask, impermeable to moisture and fine particles. Direct contact skin layer with exceptional softness, non-irritating to the skin. High density filter, comfortable and provides excellent breathability. Leak proof non-woven fabric. Certified fabric according to OEKO-TEX standard. Adjustable nose bridge. 50 pcs in a box. MATERIAL: 100% polypropylene

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Surgical masks description
High quality disposable medical masks. The masks are three-layered - guaranteeing excellent bacterial filtration. Each layer is made of polypropylene (non-woven fabric) with different thickness and density. They are white on the inside and blue on the outside. The masks are equipped with a flexible metal plate in the nose area. It allows the mask to fit snugly on the surface of the face for optimal protection. Equipped with two rubber bands that attach to the ears. They capture the released particles (saliva, secretions, etc.) while not making it difficult for the person wearing the mask to breathe. They do not contain latex, glass fibers or other allergens. Surgical masks are a reliable means of protection at increased risk of infection from infectious diseases. When an infectious disease of the respiratory tract is detected, it is strongly recommended that the patient wear a mask in order to limit the risk of transmission.

Application of medical masks
Surgical (medical or sanitary) masks are widely used in many areas. They are an integral part of the protective equipment used by medical staff. The nature of the work of doctors, dentists, nurses and paramedics requires the daily use of masks to reduce the risk of infections, body fluids and other pathogens. Wearing masks protects patients from the same risks. They are part of the protective clothing of employees in the food industry to prevent saliva and secretions from entering food. They are used in beauty salons by manicurists and beauticians. Many people have a box of sanitary masks in their home medicine cabinet to protect themselves and their loved ones in high-risk seasons.

Color: BLUE and PINK
Packing: 1 box of 50 pcs. masks - 1 box of 48 boxes

Made in Bulgaria and in accordance with European standards EN14683 and standards ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485: 2003.

CE categories:

Medical device Class I
Personal protective equipment Category I